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Are you in business currently?

Some people have unique situations when they are in business.  You may have an attorney or CPA, or both, working on your account.  You can choose to have all three represent you for tax purposes, or you can choose one to represent you and coordinate with other specialists. 

I can work with your other representatives to provide analysis, consultation, and guidance to resolve tax delinquencies.  In addition, I will assist in completing any forms required by the Internal Revenue Service.

I have found that, often, people are so busy operating their enterprises that they fail to control their tax situations.  By providing a combination of goals, education, and guidance, and working together, there is a greater chance of a successful resolution.

Some people prefer to be the contact person for the IRS and just need some guidance and education, not a representative.  Please remember - you will never have to talk to the IRS alone!  With modern communication services, conference calls have become simple.  Also, I am available for personal interviews with IRS representatives.  So, you can decide what level of help you prefer.