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Due to a simple mistake in my tax return, I was given a $5k fine from the IRS. After four years of trying to work with the IRS to get answers on the best option for me in my situation, meanwhile making payments,  I turned to Karen for some help. Karen was absolutely fantastic to work with on my issue. She was understanding of my situation and I didn’t feel judged as many people can when they hear about your issues with the IRS. Within a year’s time, due to the IRS not Karen, my fine was not only forgiven but I also received all the money I had paid in throughout the five years. Karen at is a dedicated, accurate and professional tax rescuer!

Thank you so much for your help. Your assurance gave me peace of mind.

Karen helped me after my tax return was changed by the IRS through a mail audit.  She found the employee error and I received a refund of over $30,000!