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What Does it  Cost?

So, what does it cost?

If you just want to ask questions.............and learn more about............
how tax collection works........

I'm offering a 90-minute consultation, in the Nashville area, in your home or business for $300.  This includes an in-depth look at your situation and guidance on the best way to resolve the problem.  There is no obligation to continue beyond that initial consultation.  Saturday and evening appointments are available.

And, yes, I have an office and clients are received with appointments.  Unfortunately, it is difficult for most people to gather the right information to allow a good analysis of the problem to find the right solution.  So, it is easier for most people for me to visit them.

Individual Representation

Most situations that lead to being reported as uncollectiible or an installment agreement require about 35 hours - at a minimum - to resolve.  This includes analyzing your financial information and determining the best course of action to resolve your account as well as negotiating with the IRS.  At my normal hourly rate of $80, this would be $2,800.  I charge a flat fee, paid as a retainer, of $2,400.00. 

If an offer in compromise is a better solution for your difficulty, the hours increase to an average of 50.  So, for offers in compromise I'm currently charging $3,500.00.

These fees include follow-up consultation.  If you get a notice in the mail six months or a year after the situation is resolved, and you have responded appropriately to the IRS during the intervening time, there is no additional charge.

Please note:  If you have only one year that is a problem, and you have always received a refund and been an employee of someone else, there is a special rate for you.  Sometimes people find that they have an unexpected capital gain.  Or unexpected hospital bills.  Things that we just can't plan.  If this is an unusual situation for you to be in, the special rate of $800 is for you.

Business Representation

If you are in business, or own a corporation, and possibly have employees, you know that the financial analysis of the business is much more complex than household budgeting.  Currently, I am charging $3,500 to resolve business tax delinquencies.

If you would like to have someone to provide some occasional guidance, the charge is $80/hour.